David R. Cooper, P.Eng, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. David Cooper founded MSCI (formerly the Space Division of Dynacon) in early 2008. As General Manager of Dynaconís Space Division, Mr. Cooper shaped all aspects of the microsatellite and ACS product lines, including sales and marketing, program management, engineering management, contract management, financial management, production and product assurance.

When Mr. Cooper acquired the Space Division of Dynacon, he also acquired its excellent heritage established over two decades, as well as a core of the finest microsatellite engineers anywhere.

Drawing on over 25 years in aerospace management, and on an in-depth knowledge of business, Mr. Cooperís vision for MSCI includes building a preeminent microsatellite space company in North America that serves the military, civil and commercial sectors Ė a company where personal excellence and respect will lead to exceptional results.

Prior to MSCI and Dynacon, Mr. Cooper joined Honeywell's Advanced Technology Centre as Director of Programs. Later, he joined Spar Aerospace in Brampton where he had the opportunity to enjoy a series of program and engineering management positions, from defining systems engineering requirements for the International Space Station, Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM), to strategic development of Sparís long-term strategy for space robotics. Through Spar, Mr. Cooper was also seconded to the Canadian Space Agency under the Interchange Canada Program as the Director of International Marketing where he authored Canadaís first International Marketing Plan in Space.

Mr. Cooper graduated from Canadaís Royal Military College with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree, and from Queenís University with a Masterís in Business Administration. He served in the Canadian Forces through a wide range of engineering and air operations positions.

Ross Gillett, P.Eng
Director satellite Programs

Ross Gillett is a Program Manager at Microsat Systems Canada Inc., and currently Program Manager for the NEOSSat satellite Program funded jointly by the Canadian Space Agency and Defense Research and Development Canada. This mission is scheduled for launch in 2010.

Prior to joining MSCI in 2007, Mr. Gillett worked for more than 20 years in the Canadian aerospace industry, beginning with the Canadian Space Station Program at Spar Aerospace Limited, later acquired by MDA Space Missions. Mr. Gillett has worked on the design of sensors, space robotic systems and architectures and advanced technology, variable-autonomy ground control solutions for space robotic systems in research and development projects and for flight systems. This work has included the Canadarm2 and Dextre space robotic system currently in operation on the International Space Station, the Canadarm Shuttle Manipulator System and the history-making Orbital Express Manipulator System that flew in 2007.

Mr. Gillett received his degrees from the University of Toronto, where he is also currently engaged in several engineering courses as a course coordinator and regular guest lecturer. He is a member of the IEEE, OSPE and PEO. Mr. Gillett is one of the 1999 recipients of the PEO Medal for Engineering Excellence.

Anne C.M. Bornath, P. Eng
Director Product Assurance

Anne Bornath is the Product Assurance Manager and a Program Manager at Microsat Systems Canada Inc. (MSCI).

Prior MSCIís acquisition of Dynaconís Space Division, Ms. Bornath worked for more than fifteen years for Dynacon Inc., in both the Laboratory Automation Division and the Space Division. At Dynacon, she worked on telepresence research, autonomous robotics research and the design of the Inoculab automated specimen processor, bringing it from prototype to product.

Since 2006, Ms. Bornath has worked on optimizing the production of the MicroWheel line of products. Currently, she is the Program Manager for MicroWheel production projects that, in the past, have included the MDA-DSE, SpaceDev-STP-SIV, NTU-XSat, and Hartron-MS-2-8 programs. She is also responsible for all aspects of MSCIís ISO Quality System including Product Assurance for the NEOSSat satellite Program.

Ms. Bornath received her degrees from the University of Toronto. She is a member of PEO.

Justin R. Phillips
Vice President, Marketing

Justin Phillips has worked with MSCI since October 2008. In his role as Vice President, Marketing, Justin is responsible for the overall marketing strategy, corporate branding, public relations, communications, business development (new markets), and marketing programs.†

Prior to joining MSCI, Justin has held the position of Vice President, Marketing for ProMobility and ClearPicture Corporation. He has also held senior marketing positions with InSystems Technologies, Platform Computing, and HiPoint Marketing Inc. As a valued member of the Centennial College faculty, Justin taught Internet Marketing and Web Development at The Bell Centre for Creative Communications.†

Justin Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Geography from York University. Justin is also trained in Solution Selling and Pragmatic Marketing.†

James Wells, M.A.Sc, PhD
Manager Systems Engineering

Dr. Wells has worked at Microsat Systems Canada Inc. since 2005. He currently works on the system engineering for the NEOSSat / Multi-Mission satellite Bus Program and is one of the operators of the MOST microsatellite, currently in its sixth year of on-orbit operations.

Previously, at MSCI, Dr. Wells was involved with Matlab simulator development and the test program for the Rate Measurement Unit for the Astrium Aeolus Program.

Dr. Wells received his M.A.Sc and PhD. at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), where he worked on hardware-in-the-loop simulation as part of a microsatellite development program and ground station arraying for improved microsatellite communications (ARTEMIS). As part of the Space Flight Laboratory at UTIAS, he worked on the systems engineering for the CanX-1 Nanosatellite Program. Dr. Wells was a recipient of the Kenneth M. Molson Fellowship for Studies in Aerospace Engineering at UTIAS.

Ron Wessels, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc.
Software Team Lead

Ron Wessels joined MSCI (originally the Space Division of Dynacon Inc.) in early 2000. He currently works on software for the NEOSSat / Multi Mission satellite Bus Program, is one of the operations team members for the MOST microsatellite (currently in its 6th year of on-orbit operations), and is responsible for the software in MSCIís line of reaction wheels. As well, as the author of the MOST microsatelliteís attitude control software and star-tracking software, Mr. Wessels has implemented improvements in the capabilities of MOST that far exceed the original design requirements.

As part of his duties at MSCI (formerly Dynacon), Mr. Wessels has implemented generic testing software that has streamlined the testing process for multiple MSCI products. He has also implemented the attitude control software for the FedSat microsatellite (launched December 2002) and the CHIPSat microsatellite (launched January 2003).

Previously, Mr. Wessels worked at the University of Toronto in the compilers and operating systems group where he developed compilers and run-time library support for various multi-tasking languages under the Solaris, AIX, Linux, Ultrix and IRIX operating systems, as well as for National Semiconductor 32016 based embedded devices. In 1995, Mr. Wessels moved to SCO Canada, working in their Development Systems group until the Toronto office was closed in 1996. He then moved to IBM Canada, where he was the team lead in the Debugger Backend group that maintained and expanding the capability of the debugger for the C/C++/FORTRAN/COBOL compiler suites on the Windows, OS2 and AIX platforms.

Mr. Wessels attended the University of Toronto where he received his B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science in 1982, and his M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1986.


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